About Us

What’s Inside the Chamber?

To us, a journey of the mind, heart and palate. At Chamber, we bring you the world in a glass, with wines that challenge, move, and elevate.

Our approach to wine is simple. We only select the bold and brash, the uncompromising and unapologetic, wines that are indigenous to the land they grow on and pressed to impress. Expect old world flair balanced with new world brightness. In other words... we deliver bliss. 

Welcome to the Chamber. Step Inside.

The Man Behind the Glass

Michael Power’s experience in the wine industry reads more like a Norse saga than an actual career. He's filled over 35 years traversing vineyards around the world, deciphering the notes and nuances of every varietal until the student became a teacher himself. 

Mike was a founding partner of Santa Barbara's prestigious Presidio Winery, before spending several years working with distributors, studying the business and developing close relationships with some of the world’s most prestigious winemakers. Michael’s renowned palette precedes the man himself, having received a level 2 Sommelier accreditation. 

While others may be influenced by the precariously political world of wine ratings, Michael retains the staunch purity of an artist perfecting his craft. By choosing legendary wines that truly showcase the grape, land and region from which it is produced, Michael takes his collective around the world, in a wine glass.